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VI. Summer School

Brief Description

The purpose of the event is to help you and other participants develop a unique set of skills that can be used in your professional and personal lives, as well to offer you an opportunity to create a network of young leaders and youth-led organizations. Accordingly the program is drawn up that embraces various formats, such as: taking part in workshops and case studies, being inspired by captivating master classes and meeting other young ambitious people from all around the world. Cultural events in the program with informal, networking and socializing activities will accompany the working part of the event.


YT organizes annually a Summer School for young people from all over the world. This year the group will consist of about thirty international and twenty Chinese  participants. The event is organized in collaboration with China Soong Ching Ling Foundation. This year event's theme is: “Bridging Cultures with Business Experience”. We will provide you and other participants with interactive master classes, as well as an opportunity to experience the elaborated material in interactive workshops, concerning the management of business, media, IT and advertising. Finally, you will get a chance to practice your new acquired skills in role-playing and simulation games.


This year China’s capital Beijing is chosen as a location for the International Youth Summer School. This city is the perfect place for this event, as it is well known for its great history as well as for its economic development that the country currently is experiencing. Beijing has kept its traditions, but it also transcends an innovative and cosmopolitan atmosphere, which has been realized through hard work and adaptation to different demands throughout time. We are convinced that Beijing will offer a great environment to realize a valuable event for you and other young participants.


The main purpose of this event is to help you and other participants develop a unique set of skills that can be used in professional and personal lives. In order to achieve this, we established a multi-professional team that will increase your intercultural sensitivity as well as develop your business skills. Workshops and masterclasses are intended to enhance your entrepreneurial spirit and to challenge you to attain a more open mind toward start-ups. This will help you to discover different perspectives and also experience how to deal with responsibility while building bridges between cultures and generations.


Youth Time International Movement

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Youth Time International Movement (YT) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established in Prague in 2010. YT offers a unique opportunity for young people from all over the world to take part in a tangible network for young active social leaders, as it provides a platform where they can discuss and solve social issues they encounter in their daily lives. YT also offers young people the opportunity to speak with acknowledged professionals and specialists, it supports an open dialogue between younger and older generations, as well as between social and governmental institutes. YT believes that sharing experiences and knowledge can help in constructing a positive future for the current generation as well for generations to come.

Official Partner - China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

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Madame Soong Ching Ling, late Honorary President of the People’s Republic of China, is renowned for devoting herself to the cause of democratic revolution in China, where she was working closely with one of its leaders Dr. Sun Yatsen, to whom she later married. She made indelible contribution to the triumph of the democratic revolution, in its fight against foreign invasion and the founding the People’s Republic of China. After the founding of new China, Soong Ching Ling made sustained efforts in her work on domestic and foreign affairs for world peace, social progress, people’s happiness, international friendship, enhanced understanding and exchanges between people of different lands, rights of women and children, charity in China as well as ethnic unity and reunification of the country. After she passed away in 1981 her memory was honored by establishing the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF) in 1982, at the initiative of and with support from State leaders. The Foundation remains committed to the aims, tasks and responsibilities stipulated by its Charter, the nature of a People’s organization and a public welfare and charity institution and its working principle of serving the country, the society and the younger generation of China. Firmly taken the “open-door policy for its management” and “experimentation and demonstration” as the guideline, and given a full play to its advantage, with support and assistance from friendly organizations and enthusiastic supporters both from home and abroad, the Foundation has carried out its work with effectiveness and has generated great social impact.

Trainers & Experts

We selected high-level trainers and experts to enrich the capacities of the participants. Custom-made workshops are specially designed in cooperation with these specialists to offer the best contribution to the overall mission of the summer school. The workshops are developing exclusive knowledge and skills to attain in your personal and professional life, but also value-forming processes, personality-forming and eventually a society-building process. We offer to you and all other participants a unique opportunity to develop yourself under the supervision of acknowledged professionals and specialists.

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In order to take part in the Summer School, you and other applicants will go through an intensive selection process. Those who can demonstrate their social responsibility and commitment have the biggest chance to be selected. Attendees, from an age range of 18 till 35 years old, that have successfully passed the selection process will come from diverse backgrounds: social and business enterprises, non-profits, social activists, journalists and media workers, artists, educators, young researchers, scholars and simply outstanding students. In previous events, we had global representation originating from Argentina, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Croatia, Gambia, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Macedonia, Morocco, Nepal, Netherlands, Paraguay, Poland, Qatar, Russia, Serbia etc.

Preliminary Program

The theme of 2016 International Youth Summer School is “Bridging Cultures with Business Experience”. It will last for 5 days, August 15-20th, 2016.  Underneath you can find the preliminary program, to which no rights can be held, as it's still in development, but gives you a very good understanding of what to expect.

SS2016 program



The aim of the event is to gather together an international team of young professionals, creative and talented young representatives from all over the world to:

  • Develop a unique set of skills that you and all other participants can use in your professional and personal life, such as intercultural sensitivity, effective marketing skills, etc.
  • Encourage the use of new skills in the workshops and simulation games, where you will have the opportunity to be innovators, utilize cultural differences, and carry responsibility as architects of business strategies.
  • Let you experience team working and thinking like an entrepreneur, which will support you in developing your business skills on an international business level.
  • Offer a fun cultural program with informal and socializing activities that support developing a network of the young leaders and youth-led organizations.

Partners and Sponsors

Youth Time previous and current partners and sponsors:


Soong Ching Ling and China Soong Ching  Ling Foundation aau ies consulting eurodemos
eyp juventude student agency tatravagonka brics
alstom bernard magrez rkb english radio siemens atlanta group






Past speakers at earlier YT Forums and Summer Schools have included:

Carlo Ratti Farah Mohamed Lorraine Nugent
Carlo Ratti Farah Mohamed Lorraine Nugent
Founder & CEO, Carlo Ratti Association CEO, G(irls)20 Founding Partner, Young Start-up Talent
linkedin linkedin linkedin


Peter Loescher Richard Werner Rob Van Kranenburg
Peter Loescher Richard Werner Rob Van Kranenburg
Former CEO, Siemens AG Chair, International Banking Co-founder, Internet of People


  Rolf Schmidt-Holtz  
  Rolf Schmidt-Holtz  
  Founder, Just Software AG